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Let me show you exactly how to get paid $162 per day for just 2 hours work a week

"We all know there's money to be made with videos but the biggest thing that most people struggle with is getting eyeballs on them"

So what are the options?

1. You could make 100's of clever and entertaining videos and post them to YouTube with the hope that one of them goes viral 

2. ​You could spend a fortune on paid advertising and test until you eventually (maybe) get it right

3. You could ​create short, simple 'e-learning' videos and put them in front of a ready made audience who are willing to pay to watch them

Don't know about you, but 3 makes the most sense to me!​

Fellow Entrepreneurs and Online Marketers...

My name's Theo McArthur and I'm going to show you how to create and publish short, easy-to-make videos and have them automatically promoted to a ready-made highly targeted and hungry audience

You won't need to spend money on advertising. In fact you won't need to spend money on ​ANYTHING. Everything you're about to discover is done with zero outlay. 

What's so amazing is that many people believe they are not 'qualified' to make money with this method, but I'm going to prove that virtually ANYONE can take advantage of this huge trend.... Even better, this trend is NOT going away.  It's here to stay and it's only going to get BIGGER!

The trend I'm talking about is 'e-learning'

In fact right now, there are incomes being earned in excess of $1,000 a DAY with this very method

Now, to be totally transparent I'm not at that stage yet because these kinds of incomes don't happen overnight (but you already know that :)

Here are my results so far and I was BRAND NEW to this when I started:

  • Month 1 = $31.33 per day
  • Month 2 = $51.01 per day
  • Month 3 = $103.26 per day
  • Month 4 = $108.88 per day
  • Month 5 =  $162.51 per day


Easy Publishing Profits​

Your step-by-step and over-the-shoulder blueprint to $162 per day and beyond with short, simple 'instructional' videos

  • 100% beginner friendly
  • Virtually passive.  1-2 hours a week is all that's required
  • No overheads or outlay - use the same free tools as I use myself
  • FAST - once your videos are uploaded you can be making money the same day
  • No special skills or experience required
  • Fun and enjoyable - doesn't feel like work!
  • Open to anyone of all ages and backgrounds.


14 Step-by-Step and easy to follow video lessons detailing exactly what to do and how to do it - in order to make $162 per day (or much more) with this method

A detailed 36-page PDF Report with screenshots for quick and easy reference

A genuine and do-able way to finally start making money, suitable for complete beginners

With Easy Publishing Profits you will be able to:

  • Choose the exact right niches for your videos to make sure they have a HIGH demand
  • Create short, simple videos using tools that you can get for free on the Internet
  • Upload your videos and instantly get them in front of millions of BUYERS
  • Sit back and reap ONGOING rewards!

And by the way...this is an EVERGREEN way to make money

It's not a gimmick, 'get-rich-quick', or one of those things that only works for a short time.

The information in Easy Publishing Profits can make you an ongoing income for YEARS to come.

{Do the work once and get paid over and over again - just like royalties}

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Q. How much time will I need to spend on this method?

This is a virtually PASSIVE income stream.  Once you've created and uploaded the videos, it's just a matter of spending around 1-2 hours a week (if that!)

Q. I've never c​reated videos before. Don't I need special equipment?

No definitely not​!  I will be teaching you my method of creating videos which requires nothing more than a laptop or computer and a couple of tools that you can get for free online (I will be showing you where to get these)

Q. ​Will I need to get in front of a camera?

No. I don't and nor do many others who are getting amazing results with this method

Q. Do I need a ​website or hosting?

No, you don​'t need any of that stuff!

Q. Do I need to drive traffic to my videos​?

You don​'t need to drive traffic because you will be automatically tapping into a ready made database of highly targeted traffic

Q. How soon can I start to make money​?

Once you've uploaded your videos, you can be making money that very same day

Q. How much money can I make with this​?

The potential is very big and getting even bigger. There are individuals earning upwards of $1000 a day

Q. I don​'t have any technical skills. Can I still make this work?

You don't need technical skills because there is no technical stuff involved

Q. I've never managed to make any money online before. Is ​this for me?

Yes, this IS for you.  There are 100's if not 1000's of people making money with this who had never made a cent online in the past 

We are inviting you to take advantage of  Easy Publishing Profits for the lowest investment it will ever be available for

The future price of $47 is still HUGE value for any online income seeker, but for today only you can secure it for just $23.95

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Easy Publishing Profits

No Hassle Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Easy Publishing Profits